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The “capture” component of illustration involves us sitting down with pencil and paper, tablet or camera to consult with you on how you’d like your methods, results or conclusions illustrated most efficiently and successfully.  We can work up a “thumbnail” and then develop the image with your feedback until it looks exactly as you’d like it.


Illustrations could include hand-drawn diagrams or studies of organisms, or be more progressive 3D renderings of microscopies.

Examples include:


Final Limulus image from thumbnail sketch

Limulus Clear2

Final sequence map from prior, worked-up draft

Vakharia Draft 2



Adobe Illustrator and Blender constructs of sequential light micrographs

Squilla optic lobe series 480px stomat eye 1 960px Eye5 blender 480pxMicrosoft Word - blender sceen snaps.docx Microsoft Word - blender sceen snaps.docx


Please contact us for your specific request!