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URCAD Posters

  • If you want your poster printed for URCAD, here are some things you need to know!

    • Deadline: NOON, April 19

      • We cannot guarantee your poster printed by the event if the poster is sent AFTER this deadline.
    • PDF files ONLY
      • Please convert and PowerPoint files (.ppt .pptx) into a PDF file (.pdf) before sending it to us!
    • Size Constraints: 42″ tall x 46″ wide MAXIMUM
      • Feel free to print out a smaller poster, but please don’t make it any larger than the size limit specified above.
    • Identify funding source in your email along with the PDF attachment.
    • PLEASE AVOID dark backgrounds!
      • Large areas of high ink saturation clog the printheads on our printers, followed by power-cleaning cycles that can take up to 2 hours, disabling our workflow.
      • Please endeavor to have your poster look more like the lighter image than the darker image.

    Emulate this example.

    Avoid this example.