Posters, Signs, & Large Format Prints

We will be closed (no print or photo services)
May 29th, June 16th, 19th, 20th, 26th-July 4th. And will reopen on July 5th.

Please email to check turnaround times if you need a poster printed by a particular deadline.



UMBC students, faculty, or staff please use this form* to submit your file for printing.

*If your poster has information that cannot be shared via the web due to security or privacy issues, please indicate this in the form, DO NOT upload your file, and we’ll contact you to set up a time to transfer the file securely and with the appropriate security measures.
For multiple files please fill out the form, then email us at with a Google Drive Folder or Box Folder containing all PDF files.
Not currently a student, faculty, or staff? Please email to find out how to submit files and print with us.


Lead Time:

Due to Covid-19 procedures, lead times may be affected.

Allow 3 business days from the time of approved file and chartstring submission. Turn-around times during peak times may be more than 3 days.

File Type:

We only accept PDF file format (we cannot print from Powerpoint files). Please use your first and last name in the file name for tracking purposes.


At this time we can only accept an authorized UMBC chartstring. Please email your department business manager, faculty advisor, or mentor to obtain the correct chartstring account number.

Cost & Size:

***Please check the guidelines of the conference(s) you are attending to see what their size limits or requirements might be. Each conference is different. Many will provide digital templates for your poster***

Prints/posters can be mailed, but the cost is dependent on size, destination, and type of postage service (express vs. standard ground). Please email us if you would need the item shipped.

Standard poster sizes are 36 x 42 inches,  36 x 48 inches,  42 x 56 inches, but we can print any custom size up to 44″ x 84″

We print on a 44″ roll and bill according to how many inches of the roll is used at a rate of $0.75 per inch on paper or $1.00 per inch on cloth.
* this is Category 1 internal UMBC pricing, if an external customer, please contact for current rates/prices.

    • 42 x 56″ poster = $42.00  paper   cloth= $56
    • 36 x 42″ poster = $27.00 paper  cloth= $36
    • 36×48″ poster= $36 paper  cloth= $48


We can print onto paper or cloth.  Our paper is a 260 gr/m2, semi-gloss is durable, high opacity and easily viewed non-reflective quality.  Our synthetic cloth is a soft, satin finish with high saturation and extremely durable ink-retention qualities.  The cloth posters can be folded and carried to meetings in a briefcase, instead of a bulky tube, then ironed at your hotel the morning before a presentation.

Poster carriers may be purchased from the University Bookstore or cardboard mailer tubes from the Campus Card and Mail Services.

Logos & Design:

    • Make sure you’re using the correct logo for UMBC or your department, check out for downloads and tips
    • Check out our “Design Resources and Event Info” in the menu above for more help, templates, and specific info concerning UMBC events
    • Avoid large areas of dark backgrounds or black backgrounds
    • Proofread your PDF file VERY carefully before sending it — due to demand, it’s extremely unlikely we’ll be able to reprint a poster with typos or other mistakes
    • Email us at if you need any assistance with or have questions about file creation or current turnaround times for printing

Delivery/Pickup & Payment-

We’ll email you an acknowledgment that we’ve received the file along with instructions for pick up or delivery with social distancing measure policies. Always feel free to check in with us via email or schedule a visit to our office at Biological Sciences Building 102.

A poster will not be printed until we have an authorized chartstring for payment. We cannot accept any other form of payment at this time.

epson wide-format printer with research poster
We provide high-quality posters, prints, & signs for research presentations, labs, & events. Our printers can produce posters up to 44″ wide.